Monday, December 2, 2013

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Its beginning to look a lot like.....

CHRISTMAS!! The holiday season has begun! I really hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving!! Now that it is over I need to start working on all my Christmas and holiday activities.  I'm starting with a vocabulary activity pack on The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg!  I love all of his books but this is one of my favorites since I love everything about Christmas!

This activity pack includes a vocabulary matching, an I Have... Who Has... Game, a context clue graphic organizer (this is great to use while you're reading the story), and context clue task cards.

I know the students in my class really love playing I Have Who Has games.  I usually use them before we read a story to review the vocabulary words.  

The next activities in this activity pack involve context clues.  The first one is a graphic organizer that you can use while your reading the book The Polar Express.

I have also created context clue task cards.  I use task cards for my literacy centers while I'm doing reading groups.  This gives my students engaging activities to complete while I work with a small group.  My students enjoy them more than just completing a packet or worksheet!

Check back soon for more great The Polar Express activities!!

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

I am thankful for....

Happy almost Thanksgiving!! This is one of my favorite holiday's, besides Christmas :).  I love getting together with family and really appreciating all that I have.  This year is the first year my husband and I are hosting Thanksgiving so I am excited for that!  Well anyway I created a Thanksgiving Activity pack to use with my students the week before Thanksgiving.  With all the state testing they have to endure I love to make the holiday's packed with exciting lessons.  So take a look!!

I happen to love all graphics by!! You should check them out if you haven't already!

Anyway... the first activity in this activity pack is a sequencing activity.  Through classwork that I have been giving I have noticed that my students are struggling with sequencing so I thought I would put this skill into the activity pack.

The students read the story about a girl named Jenna on Thanksgiving morning.  This story also leads into a great writing assignment where students can write about traditions their families have on Thanksgiving.  Just a thought :)

This activity pack also gives you a part of speech word sort.  It contains sorting mats for Noun, Adjective, and Verb.  Also 30 vocabulary cards for the students to sort!

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I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Sea Life Syllables

My students have been having a really hard time dividing words into syllables. They can tell me how many syllables are in a word but are really having a hard time dividing the word into syllables. Since this is such an issue I've been creating a bunch of activities to help students with this skill. I really feel its important because it gives them the knowledge to sound out unfamiliar words.

 This activity is a spin off of the Fall Syllable activity I created where some students had to sort words by syllables while others had to divide the words into correct syllables. You can find this activity on my TpT page here. Fall Into Learning - A Differentiated Syllable Activity

Ok so now to Sea Life Syllables.  After having my students complete the Fall into Learning activity I wanted all students to work on dividing words into syllables so I created this differentiated activity to focus just on this skill.

There are 2 sets of cards in this activity.  The first set contains words that are 3-4 syllables and the second set contains words that are 4-5 syllables


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Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Widow's Broom by Chris Van Allsburg

Woohoo!! I love this time of year because it is PERFECT to read The Widow's Broom by Chris Van Allsburg!  This happens to be home of my all time favorite stories to read with my class.  The character development is great and the twist at the end gets them every time!  There are so many different activities to do with this story so today I am going to focus on vocabulary.  Vocabulary is such a big factor in my class since many of my students are below level they really struggle understanding and a lot is due to vocabulary.  I created this activity pack to use the vocabulary in many ways so students don't just learn the definitions but they also use and see the words in multiple ways!

This activity is also COMMON CORE ALIGNED!! such a big topic lately so I didn't want to leave it out.  Many people are timid of using books that don't specifically say COMMON CORE on them but they do align with the correct activities!

One of the first activities in this pack is the actual words and definitions.  Students can use this matching activity independently at a center or they can play a memory game with a partner.  A good way to use this is to introduce the words, let them play the game, and then put it as one of your literacy centers for the week.  This gives them time to really continue seeing the words.  

Students can continue working with these vocabulary words in 3 different ways.  In this activity pack there is also a part of speech sorting activity which is a great review.  I know my students commonly forget parts of speech so I plan on using this as a center.  

There is also a syllable sorting activity.  As a 6th grade teacher I never really stressed to much on syllables.  I guess I always assumed they had that skill.... Jokes on me haha  They recently took an assessment that gave me items they were struggling on and syllables was a big one.  So I created a syllable sort to help them practice and again they are seeing these new vocabulary words.

The last activity is an ABC order activity.  I like to give them ABC order as a center because they always tell me it's so easy yet they do struggle with this skill.


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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall Into Learning... Learning Syllables!!

My students seem to have such a problem with syllables! They recently took an assessment that gave me a lot of information on what they are struggling with and syllables were a major problem!! I created this activity pack to help all students in my class. It is differentiated to meet all the needs of the students in my class. So far they absolutely love it!

Within this activity pack there are 3 activities.  The first activity is a syllable sort.  Students have to read the word and place in on the correct sorting mat.  Then once they have checked they have all the words in the correct column ( there are 5 for each ) they write the answers on their response page.

The second activity has the students decide how many syllables are in the word but they also have to divide the word into syllables.  This can be done by laminating the task cards so students can write on them or they can just copy it onto their response page.

I like having the students interact with the materials so for me laminating works the best.  The students get more involved whenever I give them dry erase markers :)

The 3rd activity involves words with the suffixes -able and -ible.  They first have to divide the words by their suffix.  Then divide them by syllable.  It is a 2 step process and I give this activity to my students who are either on level or above.  

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Goldilocks ROCKS!!

I mean who doesn't love the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears... When I found this new book told by Baby Bear (Believe Me, Goldilocks Rocks by Nancy Loewen) I was so excited!  I love when they retell stories in the point of view of another character! It screams incredible teachable moments!  This is by far one of my favorite stories.  I love that the story has rich vocabulary which makes teaching it to my 6th graders very appropriate!  I really think my favorite part of this story is the fact that Goldilocks has a cell phone.  I know thats a very strange aspect of the story to like but my kids are totally able to relate to it which makes them love it even more!

I decided to create an activity comprehension pack to go along with this story.

There are a bunch of activities to use in this one file.  I know my students really love the I have Who Has game  so I created one to go with some of the vocabulary associated with this story.  I also created a vocabulary matching game that also works really well as a center!  

The higher order activity is really important now that we have implemented Common Core Standards.  The questions are common core aligned and allow students to think deeper about the text.  I love that this activity gets them out of their seat and walking around the room.  They are so much more engaged when they are moving rather than sitting in their seats.  PLUS they get to write on post-its so thats the best lesson ever for them!

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween is in the air...

Halloween is right around the corner.  It came by really quickly, every where you go you see decorations and CANDY!! (I have a soft spot for chocolate) I wanted to start getting into the Halloween season at school so I created a short vowel sorting activity to use with my after school decoding program.  Since this is an after school program I love to come up with fun interactive activities for them to do rather than just work at their seats!

In this activity students have to read the word and place it on the correct sorting mat based on the short vowel sound it has.  Students then have a response page where they can write the words in the correct place.


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Monday, October 14, 2013

Inferencing Activity Pack

So I have noticed that my students struggle the most with making inferences.  We just finished a unit on the first chapter of Alice in Wonderland, which they loved by the way!  They had such a hard time making inferences during this lesson.  I created this activity pack to help students use details to make inferences.  I also included the Common Core State Standards.

The first activity in this pack is a task card activity.  There are 12 in total.  I find the best thing to do is laminate them.  I like them laminate because they last longer but also the students can use dry erase markers to underline the clues that helped them make their inference.  It makes the activity a little more interactive which the students love.

I find my students love any activity that involves dry erase markers! 

This game my students absolutely love!!! I created a similar style game with character traits and my students begged me to keep playing.  So I decided to create a similar game with inferencing.  If students answer the card correctly they get to color in the letter that is on the question card.  The first player to color in "WADDLE" wins.  If they already have a letter colored in they get to skip another player (which they love :) ) This game I also added in a WADDLE card where they can color in any letter they need.  Just another bonus.  I think the students love the bonus card because it makes them feel like it is a real game they would play at home so why not add them here.

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Common Core Character Traits!

This is a wonderful activity.  My students absolutely loved it!  It really helps enhance the students vocabulary and moves them away from the typical happy, sad, brave character traits that they use in their writing.  The activity is designed for upper elementary students because of the level of vocabulary used.

This activity gives a matching activity where students have to match the character trait with its definition.

After the matching activity there is also a character trait game where each student is given a blank "Monster" playing card.  Each player picks a game card when it is their turn and fills in the blank with the missing character trait.  If they get it correct they color in the letter that is on the card on their Monster Playing Card. If the letter has already been colored in they can skip another players turn.  The player who colors in the card first wins!

My students LOVE playing this game!  They love being able to skip their friends turn and they really put a lot of effort in to get the answers correct!

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Commonly Confused Words

Hey! I haven't posted in a while, so crazy with the end of school and moving! But I am back and have been creating great activities!  This is a preview pack I made of commonly confused words.  This pack has great center activities to use.  I really like using independent centers in my class because it gives me the opportunity to work with small groups and know that my students are still doing something productive!

You can download this FREE at my TpT page by clicking HERE!!  There is also an extended pack on my TpT page so definitely check that out also!!

Enjoy and Keep Reading!!! :)

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Soccer Synonyms

My students LOVED this activity! Soccer is such a big sport in my classroom! We have been reviewing all the skills we have learned throughout the year so this was a perfect activity.  I had them play the board game in groups but there is an option to complete independently as a center. 

Definitely check out this activity at my Teacherspayteachers page by clicking here!

Father's Day Writing

I just created this activity to use for a writing center for Father's Day.  I gave the students a choice on whether they wanted more room for writing or if they wanted a space to draw a picture.  My students did really well with this activity!

You can download this activity FREE on my Teacherspayteachers page by clicking here!  Leave a comment to let me know what you think!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer Noun and Adjective Sorting Activity

This is a great activity for the younger grades!  It can work well as a center or a group activity.  I made this as a request by a friend.  They were looking for a summery literacy center for the end of the year.  This was perfect! She used it with her 2nd grade class and they loved it!  They wanted to keep playing which is great!

You can get this activity on my TpT page by clicking here!

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Just A Dream by Chris Van Allsburg

I am in the middle of an author study of Chris Van Allsburg and my students are absolutely loving it!! Today we read Just A Dream, which by the way is a perfect book to read for Earth Day.  Before reading we went over some vocabulary words that they would come across in the book.  The words were easy for them to decode and they have often use these words but coming up with defintions was a challenge for some of my students!  I created a matching game for them to play with a partner but it can also be used as a literacy center!

Check out this activity on my Teacherspayteachers page by clicking here!

More great Just A Dream activities to come!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Synonym story stars!

This is a great center idea where students have to match synonyms in the story to the word cards that they have. I used this as a center with my 6th grade ELA extra help class. They students really enjoyed the hands on center rather than just something written. It's hard to get my kids motivated so making activities like this is awesome because they enjoy completing this assignment!!

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Sweetest Fig

I absolutely love The Sweetest Fig by Chris Van Allsburg! My students loved it also! I created 2 games for them to play after reading the book. One was a cause and effect matching game. My students did awesome with this and they really liked playing the game. The second one was a comprehension board game. My students sometimes have a hard time getting excited about projects but they absolutely loved this game. They didn't want to stop playing!!

Both activities can be found at my teachers pay teachers page by clicking HERE!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Synonym Turtles

I am so excited to get this blog started!! I have been creating a lot of materials for my students lately and really wanted to share.  This is a game I created today for synoynms.  I really enjoy having literacy centers that really grab my students attention so I can really focus on reading groups while they are completing their centers!

This is a game I created using synoynms.  Students will answer multiple choice questions regarding synonyms of the underlined words.  If the students get that answer correct they will move how ever many spaces they rolled.  If the answer is incorrect they will stay where they are!
This game can be found at