Monday, October 14, 2013

Inferencing Activity Pack

So I have noticed that my students struggle the most with making inferences.  We just finished a unit on the first chapter of Alice in Wonderland, which they loved by the way!  They had such a hard time making inferences during this lesson.  I created this activity pack to help students use details to make inferences.  I also included the Common Core State Standards.

The first activity in this pack is a task card activity.  There are 12 in total.  I find the best thing to do is laminate them.  I like them laminate because they last longer but also the students can use dry erase markers to underline the clues that helped them make their inference.  It makes the activity a little more interactive which the students love.

I find my students love any activity that involves dry erase markers! 

This game my students absolutely love!!! I created a similar style game with character traits and my students begged me to keep playing.  So I decided to create a similar game with inferencing.  If students answer the card correctly they get to color in the letter that is on the question card.  The first player to color in "WADDLE" wins.  If they already have a letter colored in they get to skip another player (which they love :) ) This game I also added in a WADDLE card where they can color in any letter they need.  Just another bonus.  I think the students love the bonus card because it makes them feel like it is a real game they would play at home so why not add them here.

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