Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Widow's Broom by Chris Van Allsburg

Woohoo!! I love this time of year because it is PERFECT to read The Widow's Broom by Chris Van Allsburg!  This happens to be home of my all time favorite stories to read with my class.  The character development is great and the twist at the end gets them every time!  There are so many different activities to do with this story so today I am going to focus on vocabulary.  Vocabulary is such a big factor in my class since many of my students are below level they really struggle understanding and a lot is due to vocabulary.  I created this activity pack to use the vocabulary in many ways so students don't just learn the definitions but they also use and see the words in multiple ways!

This activity is also COMMON CORE ALIGNED!! such a big topic lately so I didn't want to leave it out.  Many people are timid of using books that don't specifically say COMMON CORE on them but they do align with the correct activities!

One of the first activities in this pack is the actual words and definitions.  Students can use this matching activity independently at a center or they can play a memory game with a partner.  A good way to use this is to introduce the words, let them play the game, and then put it as one of your literacy centers for the week.  This gives them time to really continue seeing the words.  

Students can continue working with these vocabulary words in 3 different ways.  In this activity pack there is also a part of speech sorting activity which is a great review.  I know my students commonly forget parts of speech so I plan on using this as a center.  

There is also a syllable sorting activity.  As a 6th grade teacher I never really stressed to much on syllables.  I guess I always assumed they had that skill.... Jokes on me haha  They recently took an assessment that gave me items they were struggling on and syllables was a big one.  So I created a syllable sort to help them practice and again they are seeing these new vocabulary words.

The last activity is an ABC order activity.  I like to give them ABC order as a center because they always tell me it's so easy yet they do struggle with this skill.


You can find this activity on my Teachers pay Teachers pay by clicking HERE!!

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