Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Day At The Beach.. Homophone Activities! **GIVEAWAY**

So I am on vacation at the beach and it is actually a cold rainy day so here I am staring at this beautiful view making a new homophone activity!!

This activity pack has 2 different games (a matching activity and a board game).  The games can also be used as literacy centers so it makes it really functional in your classroom! This is going to be great to use for a center activity for my students when I get back to work!

In this file...

To use this file:

Memory Game: There are 4 sets of this game included in this file. The first 2 (the cards with the suns and sand pails) sets are a lower level and the second 2 sets (The cards with the masks and the crabs) are a higher level. This is great because it can be differentiated within your classroom. Another way to use this file it so have students match the words independently during a literacy center rather than playing a game! That gives you 4 different center activities!!

Board Game: There are 2 sets of cards to use for this game. The first set is a lower level and the second set is a higher level. The game board can be used for either set of cards. You can also use the game board cards as a literacy center for students to use while you complete a reading group!

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Enjoy :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Connor the Cow Contractions! **FREEBIE**

Good morning! As I am currently on vacation I thought I'd take a few minutes to show a new idea! This is a contraction center where students match the contraction to the story!

A great way to use this in your class would be to use it as one of your literacy centers while your completing a reading group.  It's great because the students need to read the story and match the contraction.  

You can even have them write a summary or sequence the story when they're done to enhance their comprehension!

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring - Verb Tense Activities - DIFFERENTIATED

I had created a Fall verb tense activity that many people loved and was asked to create a Spring one... soooo here it is!! This is a great activity to use as a review of verb tenses.  There is a sorting activity and the cards can also be used as a game board!

This activity is aligned to the Common Core Standards within many grade levels because the file is differentiated!

**There are 2 sets of cards in this file, a higher and lower set, so this can be used within the differentiated groups in your room.*

My students love the game board, especially the trick cards!

This activity can be found by clicking HERE!!

The "Falling Leaves Activity" can be found by clicking HERE!!

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Instagram Summaries!

Of all the summary activities I have done with my students this one is by far their favorite! They actually ask me to complete this activity after we read pretty much anything! I think they love it so much because it gives them the opportunity to be creative and use hashtags!!!

There are 3 graphic organizers in this incase you want to use it to sequence important events in a story.  I use the single one for chapter summaries and my students really enjoy the activity!


Click HERE to find this activity!

Enjoy :)
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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Earth Day Literacy Activities - FREEBIE!!!

What a beautiful day out today!! So happy the weather is finally changing! Today I have a great Earth Day pack! There are a few activities in this pack and its so super easy to use in your classroom!  Here are some of my suggestions:

Main Idea/Supporting Details - This is a graphic organizer.  It can be used with any story but works great with the story Just A Dream by Chris Van Allsburg since it fits with the Earth Day theme!

Check out Just A Dream by Chris Van Allsburg and my TpT store for activities to go with it!
* Comprehension Game
* Sequencing Activity
* Vocabulary Matching

ABC order - This page is a great independent center. Students have to cut out the words and glue them in alphabetical order.  I find that my students like to complete activities that are hands on rather than just completing a worksheet.

Sentence Scramble - There are 4 pages of sentence scrambles that relate to Earth Day. Students cut out the words and put them into complete sentences. 
Check out my April Sentence Scramble activity for more April related sentences!

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Have a great day!!!

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Into Writing **RAFFLE**

I am having a raffle for one of my new writing projects!  This is a great file to use for a writing center or writing workshop! It has many graphic organizers, spring writing prompts, and silly story prompts.

How to use this file: 
Graphic organizers - Sequencing (2), Main Idea/Details & Central Idea/Details (Earth Day, Weather, Baseball, Easter), Narrative Elements, Problem/Solution

The main idea/central idea are the same organizer but labeled with the different name based on different grades levels aligned to the Common Core Standards! They have graphics that go with them for Earth Day, weather, baseball, and Easter!)

Writing Prompts- These are great to cut out and laminate. They can be used in a writing center for when the teacher is working with a reading group. They also work well for writing workshop ideas.

Silly Story Starters- This is a fun activity. Students pick a character, setting, and problem card. They can use one of the graphic organizers to help plan out their story! The best part of this activity is the students get to really use their imagination and the stories should be silly!
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Spring Syllables! **FREE ACTIVITY**

Ahhhh! Spring is in the air! I love when the weather starts getting warm! Today, to mark the beautiful weather, I wanted to do a fun spring activity. I have noticed that my students are still struggling with identifying syllables. We have done tons of just sorting activities that they complete in centers but I was looking for something to engage them a little more.... a BOARD GAME!

 I don't know about your students, but mine love playing games!

Board games are a great way to review a skill because the students love completing the activity, especially when they get to compete against a friend!  

What I love most about this is that the students get to move how every many syllables are in the word.  I find that the students pay more attention because they don't want their opponent to get free spaces!!

This worked really well in my class as a review of syllables!

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