Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summer Common and Proper Nouns - Sorting - FREEBIE!!

I needed something exciting and full of color for my centers this week and this is perfect! My students are in the summer mode already! (so am I!!) This was a center I created for my ABC center. The students have to sort the words into proper and common noun categories. I noticed my students still mix them up in their writing so this was a good activity for them to complete!

The words are all beach/summer related to help keep the mood of summer going even in the classroom!  I like activities where students have to sort words or items because it really helps me to see where they are having problems.  

Instead of just having students complete the response page and handing it in, you can have students check each others work.  This gives both students a chance to evaluate responses.  I know my students become very critical when they are checking someone else's work which has its positives.  

You can download this center activity by clicking HERE!!!

Enjoy :)
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Monday, May 19, 2014

Book of the Month - May Edition - A Bad Case of Stripes!

This is something new I'm starting, a Book of the Month.  This month I chose A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon.  I wanted to come up with easy activities that will help in the classroom.

There are 2 pre reading activities.
* The first one has the students making predictions based on the title.  This is great because the cover lends its way to so many questions about the story!
* The second activity has the students using cause and effect skills to make a prediction as to why the girl is covered in stripes!

There are 2 during reading activities.
* The first activity has the students making visualizations.  This is one of my favorite activities because the students get to interpret the text and draw pictures to go with it based on what they think the character looks like.

* The second activity is to ask the students guided questions as you are reading.  Try to use higher order common core questions as these type of questions usually lead to great discussions!

There are 2 post reading activities.
* Have the students complete a plot diagram to identify the different parts of the story.
* Students can go on a cause and effect scavenger hunt based different cause and effect relationships within the text

You can download this activity FREE by clicking HERE!!

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