Monday, November 11, 2013

Sea Life Syllables

My students have been having a really hard time dividing words into syllables. They can tell me how many syllables are in a word but are really having a hard time dividing the word into syllables. Since this is such an issue I've been creating a bunch of activities to help students with this skill. I really feel its important because it gives them the knowledge to sound out unfamiliar words.

 This activity is a spin off of the Fall Syllable activity I created where some students had to sort words by syllables while others had to divide the words into correct syllables. You can find this activity on my TpT page here. Fall Into Learning - A Differentiated Syllable Activity

Ok so now to Sea Life Syllables.  After having my students complete the Fall into Learning activity I wanted all students to work on dividing words into syllables so I created this differentiated activity to focus just on this skill.

There are 2 sets of cards in this activity.  The first set contains words that are 3-4 syllables and the second set contains words that are 4-5 syllables


Look for this great activity on my TpT page by clicking HERE!!!

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