Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall Into Learning... Learning Syllables!!

My students seem to have such a problem with syllables! They recently took an assessment that gave me a lot of information on what they are struggling with and syllables were a major problem!! I created this activity pack to help all students in my class. It is differentiated to meet all the needs of the students in my class. So far they absolutely love it!

Within this activity pack there are 3 activities.  The first activity is a syllable sort.  Students have to read the word and place in on the correct sorting mat.  Then once they have checked they have all the words in the correct column ( there are 5 for each ) they write the answers on their response page.

The second activity has the students decide how many syllables are in the word but they also have to divide the word into syllables.  This can be done by laminating the task cards so students can write on them or they can just copy it onto their response page.

I like having the students interact with the materials so for me laminating works the best.  The students get more involved whenever I give them dry erase markers :)

The 3rd activity involves words with the suffixes -able and -ible.  They first have to divide the words by their suffix.  Then divide them by syllable.  It is a 2 step process and I give this activity to my students who are either on level or above.  

Check out this activity pack on my TpT page by clicking here!

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