Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon

This is a great book to use to teach multiple skills in your class!  It also works well during a lesson on bullying and treating others with respect.

Some great skills to use with this book are visualization, character traits, cause and effect, problem and solution, and answering common core questions.  My students really enjoyed reading this book and the visualization graphic organizer was great!  They really focused on what the text was saying so they could draw an accurate picture!

Other activities include:

* Character trait web - students use the graphic organizer to come up with a character trait and evidence from the story to support it. Students can then put the information on a poster to display.
* Character change writing - A graphic organizer is included to help guide students to write about how Camilla has changed throughout the story. Also includes final copy paper.
* Cause and Effect matching center - Students match the sets of cards and write the response on the recording page.
* True/False - These activity pages have students read different sentences and decide if they are true or false
* Problem/Solution - Graphic organizer to help students locate problems and solutions throughout the story
* Sentence or Fragment - This activity page have the students read each phrase and decide if it is a sentence or a fragment.
* Pre-Reading activity - Students work in groups to determine different reasons why the character on the cover is covered in stripes. Have each group share their responses after with the other groups.
* Higher Level Guided Questions - After reading the story have the students answer the questions
* Carousel of Questions - Put the students into groups and hang up the question pages in different areas of the room. Have each group start at a question and answer it. Each group should have a different colored marker and should be given about 5 minutes to respond to each question. Then they rotate to the next. Once all questions have been answered by each group review the responses given. 
* Comprehension Game - Students can play in groups after reading the book to help them review.

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Don't forget the FREE activity guide that goes along with A Bad Case of Stripes!

Enjoy :)
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