Thursday, July 24, 2014

Latin Roots Task Cards **FREEBIE**

Latin roots are an important thing to implement in a classroom.  It teaches students how to break apart unknown words to find meaning.  This FREEBIE can be used as a literacy center or as a small group activity after a lesson on Latin roots.

The Latin roots mentioned are mono, bi, tri, deca, cent, and mill.

Great ways to incorporate Latin roots in your classroom:

* Make a Latin roots notebook for students to use throughout the year
* Write Latin roots on index cards and hang together using a ring.  Put them outside your classroom door for students to use as an entrance ticket into the room every morning.
* Create a Latin root word wall - Make Latin root flowers as an ongoing interactive bulletin board

Download this free by going to my TpT page!

Please share your ideas for incorporating Latin roots in the comments!!

Enjoy :)
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  1. Excited to use these in our homeschool!! Many thanks!!

  2. No problem! I'm glad they are helpful! Follow my blog for more great ideas!