Thursday, July 31, 2014

Give A Hoot for Latin Roots!

Teaching Latin roots really helps students connect to unknown words.  I like to introduce them into my classroom and then have students go on scavenger hunts to locate words throughout our lessons that have the same Latin roots!  This makes learning more exciting for my students!

I don't know about you but I'm always looking for fun, interactive ways to teach.  I can only stand up in front of the class for so long giving a "lecture" before I find my students staring into space.  I know at that point I've totally lost them.  I usually teach my whole class for about 15-20 minutes before breaking up into small groups so the students can do various assignments.  My students typically do well in small groups and for the most part all the activities are differentiated so I know the students are performing at their level.  This also makes for great RTI data (Make sure to check out the Confer App to keep track of your data.  To read my review click here!)

I'm really not big on "worksheets" but I found making this Latin Roots notebook for my students really helps them to connect and understand each of the roots.  When I introduce a new Latin root we always go over the meaning together.  Then they draw a picture and come up with examples.  For the picture and the examples I usually let students work in groups that they choose.  It's great to see the work that they can produce when bouncing ideas off each other!

I really love teaching using hands on activities.  They can be used for small group work or even during literacy centers.  I feel my students are much more engaged in the activity when they can become involved and even move around the room.  

One of my favorite literacy center activities is giving my students task cards.  Although this can be done in a small group I prefer to use them during a literacy center as a review of what we have been learning in class.  Their answers make for a great assessment and since the task cards all ask different questions you can incorporate different learning styles on them.  They all don't have to be question and answer, you can have students draw pictures or do other activities so the assessment can benefit all students.

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Enjoy :)

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