Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Day At The Beach.. Homophone Activities! **GIVEAWAY**

So I am on vacation at the beach and it is actually a cold rainy day so here I am staring at this beautiful view making a new homophone activity!!

This activity pack has 2 different games (a matching activity and a board game).  The games can also be used as literacy centers so it makes it really functional in your classroom! This is going to be great to use for a center activity for my students when I get back to work!

In this file...

To use this file:

Memory Game: There are 4 sets of this game included in this file. The first 2 (the cards with the suns and sand pails) sets are a lower level and the second 2 sets (The cards with the masks and the crabs) are a higher level. This is great because it can be differentiated within your classroom. Another way to use this file it so have students match the words independently during a literacy center rather than playing a game! That gives you 4 different center activities!!

Board Game: There are 2 sets of cards to use for this game. The first set is a lower level and the second set is a higher level. The game board can be used for either set of cards. You can also use the game board cards as a literacy center for students to use while you complete a reading group!

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Enjoy :)

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